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Native English Teachers to Undergo Evaluation

December 30, 2009

Elementary and secondary schools plan to create a blacklist of “incompetent” native English speakers and to ask immigration not to reissue English-teaching or E-2 visas to them.

Also, the schools will share information on individual assessments of foreign teachers among themselves. About 23,000 instructors are working in Korea, among them 8,000 are at the schools.

Click Here for the Full Story (Source: The Korean Times)

Editors Note:
Brian, from Brian in Jeollanam-Do, raises some interesting questions about how this “blacklist” will be run:

Indeed, it will be vitally important to learn what the criteria are and whether they’re “objective.” As I’ve written nearly every time NSETs come up, no planning or support goes into using native speaker English teachers in school.

If there is no plan in place for using these teachers, there can also not be a system for evaluating them. You can’t evaluate teachers on certain standards when they were not held to them throughout the contract.

Click Here for Brian’s Full Story (Source: Brian in Jeollanam-Do)


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