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Press Release: Notice Service for Child Safety

July 1, 2010

Press Release on March 2, 2010

Primary & Secondary School Management Support Division

In a joint effort with seven other ministries, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology plans to expand the support for the Notice Service for Child Safety by investing as much as KRW 10 billion, which is aimed at tackling the growing problem of child abduction and sexual violence against children and ensuring safe way to school and home for children.

The Notice Service for Child Safety is designed to build the national infrastructure for the prevention of crimes against children. In 2010, the service is to be initially implemented for the primary schools with a high ratio of underprivileged students and in the areas prone to crimes against children.

The main ideas behind the Notice Service for Child Safety are as follows:

  • The repeaters, installed at the school gates or at the major points in children’s route of movement, receive the signal from the mobile devices carried by the students and retransmit the signal to their parents’ mobile phones by SMS, notifying them of the location of their children. At the same time, the information on school notices or education activities will be sent to the parents through SMS.
  • If children push the “emergency button” on their mobile devices in an emergency, a huge alarm will go off so that the children may get help from other people around them, and the parents will be notified of the emergency situation facing their children.
  • Parents can check the route of their children’s movement on the online map, and some schools would operate the “helper system for safety on students’ way to school and home” according to their own plans by utilizing parents and volunteers.

The Notice Service for Child Safety will help relieve social anxiety caused by incessant crimes against children and facilitate instruction of children at schools by enabling frequent communication between schools and parents. The implementation of the Service is to be expanded annually until 2012.

(Source: Ministry of Education, Science & Technology)


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