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What’s it like to teach English in a high school in Seoul, South Korea?

June 18, 2010

I tend to focus on the issues, problems, and things that native teachers need to be warned about before they begin teaching, and also things that may (or may not) happen throughout the course of one’s contract.  Native teachers do NOT get to choose the level of school (you can request it, but bear in mind that even after being told you’re going teach _ level of school this can change, and I’ve personally seen it happen DURING orientation), its location, or the type (trade vs academic), and in general the quality of the school and co-teachers you find yourself with basically is like winning a lottery.

Click Here for the Full Story (Source: Kimchi Icecream)

Editors Note: Kimchi Icecream is one of the best native English bloggers in Korea at the moment.  If you are new to teaching here, definitely have a read of this article.  If you’re not new, have a read anyway and see how much your experience mirrors that of other native English teachers.


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