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EPIK to hire 12 Indian English teachers for Fall 2010

June 3, 2010

An announcement on the EPIK website on June 1st:

EPIK is looking to recruit 12 Indian Guest English Teachers (GETs) this term.
The tentative timeline for the recruitment of Indian GETs is as follows:
– Application deadline: June 20, 2010
– Interviews conducted: second week of July
– Final result notification to EdCIL: last week of July
– Successful Indian teachers’ entry into Korea: August 16~17
The Fall 2010 EPIK Application is available on the “Apply by Email” section of our website. Please use the Application Instructions provided to help you complete the form.
All applications and questions should be directed to EdCIL and not EPIK. Please visit the EdCIL website ( for more information regarding the positions available.

“Guest English Teacher” [GET] is what EPIK calls the role filled by native speaker English teachers [NSETs]. I posted about this development in November 2009 when it was announced that the government may experiment with hiring Indian English teachers.

Click Here for the Full Story (Source: Brian in Jeollanam-Do)


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