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Welcome to Expacked (Issue #70)

April 29, 2010

Welcome back.  With this colder than expected spring, its hard to believe that it will be May in a couple of days.  On Wednesday this week Seoul had it’s coldest late April day in over 103 years (click here for story).  However, there are a couple of positives to look forward to:

  1. Children’s Day is next week, so many teachers will be having a couple of days extra holiday time.  Many schools have decided to link it up to the weekend, so schools like mine have a 5 day weekend. Blossoms 2010 pic 3
  2. The cold weather can’t last and summer WILL come soon…

Expacked reaches another milestone

Another small milestone this week sees Expacked reaching it’s 70th weekly issue.  The goal of Expacked was to inform and enlighten native English teachers in Korea on issues and news that affect and interest them – all while keeping the newsletter professional, easy to use and timely.  Hopefully we are achieving some of these goals.

Expacked  on holiday next week

Due to the Children’s Day long weekend, I will be heading out of the country on a much needed holiday – so Expacked will also take a one week break. Expacked will be back again with issue #71 the following week.

2010 Conference on the North Korea Human Rights Bill
Friday, April 30, 1pm-5:30pm

I know it’s a little short notice, but this week a conference is being held to discuss the North Korea Human Rights Bill.  If you are passionate about this cause I would encourage you to head along to the event.

This year, South Korea’s National Assembly passed the North Korea Human Rights Bill, authorizing the creating of a body to monitor North Korea’s human rights situation and support activists in the South. PSCORE is hosting a conference to mark this historic event and discuss and some of its exciting consequences.

To find out further details, or to register for this event, contact PSCORE at, via email at, or by phone at +82-2-6497-5037 (to find the conference programme, go to the website and click “English” at the top of the page, then click on the conference on the left-hand-side).

These are the teaching stories making the news this week:

Feel free to comment on any of these stories and continue to share Expacked with your friends.  Enjoy the read and, of course, have a good laugh at this week’s jokes.



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