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ETIS Press Release: SMOE 6 Months Extension

April 23, 2010

Hello Teachers,

If you are completing your contract and wanted to renew for 6 months, these are the steps to take.  Please note that 6 months extensions are not guaranteed.

SMOE prefers 1 year contracts.

  • SMOE will provide renewal Bonus Vacation days of seven (7) Calendar days.
  • SMOE will provide ten (10) days of vacation within the 6 months duration.
  • SMOE will provide the 2,000,000 won (KRW) at the first month’s pay of the new contract.
  • NSET will be responsible for their air ticket upon completion of the 6 month contract.

If you agree with the terms, 6 months extensions may happen.

Please keep in mind that you will need approval from your school and principal.  If you score low on your evaluation and have poor performance, it may lower your chances of renewing.

You will have to come into the SMOE head office after you have signed your new contract. Please give Jon Pak a call: 02-399-9774

Thank you

Jon Pak

Program Coordinator

(Source: ETIS Website)


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