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EPIK Now Hiring for SMOE – Job Interviews have already Started

April 8, 2010

Editors Note:
Although it’s not completely surprising, EPIK has now taken over the role of recruiting teachers for SMOE schools in Seoul.  Most people will know about the problems SMOE had last year and, for those wanting to read up a little more about it, have a read of Brian in Jeollanam-Do’s great article this week.

If you are interested in working in a public school for EPIK or SMOE, it would pay to get your application in quickly.

I also thought I would share this email I received today from ASK-Now, one of the recruitment companies working with EPIK (I’m sure they won’t mind).  Here’s the Email:

ASK-Now Press Release

Hello Ken,

I wanted to share some good news that we received recently. We’re really excited about being chosen as one of the few companies that are official recruiters for EPIK and Seoul public schools.

Having been in the recruiting field in Korea for 7 years, we’ve finally managed to be recognized by the most difficult government agency in the country to be an official partner with.

We are currently letting everyone know about the availability of great public school jobs in Seoul, Busan, and all throughout Korea for the end of August.  There are currently about 950 openings (including 300 in Seoul).  The jobs are on a first-come first-served basis and the interview process has started this week.  EPIK hopes to complete their interviewing and hiring process by mid-May if possible, so anyone interested in these great jobs will need to apply quickly.

Even if you are not currently in the market for a job for this time of year, we’d really appreciate it if you could pass this message on to anyone you know that might be in need of a job. Public school jobs are always in high demand in Korea and timing is key.

To get started, there are a few steps:

1. Download the application form available at

2. Fill it in completely and email it to

3. Gather 2 signed letters of reference following the format at the above link

4. Have a pre-screening/coaching call with one of our staff to go over your application

5. Have an interview with EPIK and hopefully be offered a position.

(A detailed step by step is available at )

We have worked with partner companies in helping our clients obtain EPIK positions in the past. One of the things we excel at is preparing you for the interview and application process to ensure a high rate of success.  Our clients are always well-prepared and have a much higher-than-average pass rate and rate of being hired.

We have recently added a lot of valuable information including video tutorials on all parts of the application process and a downloadable guidebook for applicants. You can visit to view the videos, download the required forms, see what the pay scale is, learn about the benefits of the job, and see how many positions are available in each city.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email. Please remember that timing is critical and we suggest getting your application in by no later than April 15th.  The sooner, the better.

Please visit the site for answers to the most common questions and email us for additional information.

Thanks Ken,

Jason and the ASK Now-ETO Team

P.S. On Sunday evenings at 9pm Eastern Time, we will be doing live video broadcasts and live Q&A chat sessions every week at:

So, if you would like to learn more and ask us questions, please join us then.

ASK Now Inc., 288 Lourdes, Suite B


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