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Legalizing Eligibility of ‘Hagwon’ Teachers Sought

April 1, 2010

Education authorities and lawmakers plan to propose a bill to screen out ineligible teachers at private institutes or hagwon. Under the current regulations, Koreans who completed at least two-year college courses are entitled to teach at hagwon without legal binding.

Officials from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology told The Korea Times, Friday that they are likely to submit a bill to ban inadequate teachers from working at hagwon.

Click Here for the Full Story (Source: The Korean Times)

Editors Note:

Brian from Brian in Jeollanam-do has done a great follow up to this Korean Times article:

From “unqualified” to “ineligible” and “inadequate”

The latest piece by Kang Shin-who in the Korea Times, “Legalizing Eligibility of ‘Hagwon’ Teachers Sought,” uses two new terms to describe what often falls under the umbrella of “unqualified” teachers.

Click Here for the Full Story (Source: Brian in Jeollanam-Do)


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