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The Kimchi Icecream Guide for New EFL/ESL Foreign English Teachers/Instructors in South Korea, 2010 Edition

March 4, 2010

My goal is to help new foreign teachers entering Korea for the first time to be informed of everything they need to know in order to make the transition from just keeping their head above the water and doing what I call ’survival teaching’ to beginning to be able to swim with varying degrees of success and  happiness.

I write about both the good and bad things that may or may not take place in your teaching and living conditions in Korea.  The really hard thing about trying to write an orientation guide is that each foreign teacher has a different personality and their teaching/living situations can be so different as to be almost as though they’re not in the same country.

Click Here for the Full Story (Source: The Kimchi Icecream)

Editors Note: Some more great tips from The Kimchi Icecream.  There’s a lot of good info here and even “old” teachers should have a read.


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