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Life in Korea: Getting Your Taxes Done in Korea and at Home

February 18, 2010

Author’s note: I am not a professional tax preparer, accountant, or IRS worker. While I’ve spent hours researching this post from official government sources, seek the professional help if you need it. Also consider using a program like TurboTax to submit the paperwork electronically (but see below for an important detail!)

The good news on filing taxes in Korea is that it’s probably easier than in your home country, and your school is doing a lot of the work on your behalf. If you’ve looked at your paycheck, you’ve noticed Korean tax being taken out of your paycheck, but your home country may want some taxes as well. Why? For the privilege of calling it your home country, of course.

Click Here for the Full Details (Source: Chris in South Korea)

Editors Note: Some more great advice from Chris.  Although the first half of the article is geared towards the US, Chris also includes some good details on taxes from other countries.  If you require further info, it would be wise to give your local embassy  a call – or contact your country’s tax department directly.


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