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EPIK Press Release: Urgent Orientation Update

February 4, 2010

There have been some rumors circulating around several popular blogs and forums concerning the EPIK 2010 Orientation, and we would like to clarify the misinformation.

We sent an email to several of our recruiters detailing the costs of the Orientation for their dependants only. One of our recruiting agencies misinterpreted the email and assumed that all participants would be responsible for the costs and continued to inform their applicants of the changes.

We are working hard to correct this mistake and assure incoming EPIK teachers that they are responsible only for their medical check and personal costs (souvenirs, extra food, extra-curricular activity costs).  Again, all other costs for the Orientation will be borne by EPIK and not the applicant.

Additionally, we would like to state that there will be shuttle buses from the Incheon International Airport to the Orientation site for both the Jeonju Orientation (February 17th) and the Seongnam Orientation (February 18th).  Please refer to the “What’s New” section for more information.

Visit EPIK’s website for further details about this orientation for their new EPIK teachers.

Editors Note: It’s great to see that EPIK where quick to clear this up.  It had the potential to be another huge blow to the public perception of the English teaching program here in Korea  –  Thankfully this is not the case and EPIK are the good guys again.

If you have not heard what all this is about, have a look at the articles here, here and here.


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