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Tiger and Bear Comics Come to Expacked

November 26, 2009

To explain this first Tiger and Bear Comic – This one is in fact a parody of the real life Tiger and Bear’s performances. You see they don’t actually do anything and the strip reflects this quite literally.  It’s purposely a minimalist one and also plays around with the tradition concept of a comic strip where there has to be some event or situation or a punch line, instead here there is just a tiger and bear doing absolutely nothing.

herald template Produced in association with Daegu Pockets/ Spark Media the Tiger and Bear comics are unique because rather than having one person do all the stories and illustrations James Topple and Colin Riddle (Tiger and Bear) instead decided to create a collaborative experiment, with every strip being written and illustrated by two different people, from a range of backgrounds and nationalities.

No themes or stylistic guidelines were imposed on the writers or illustrators, except that the work should be in the form of a four panel comic based on the Riddle and Topple’s interpretation of the myth of tiger and Bear. The results have been remarkable, with a wide array of themes, ideas and artistic styles.

The contributors feature both illustrators and writers from within and without South Korea, coming from a range of background and nationalities. Some are professional artists or writers, other just do it as a hobby. Some contributors have an intimate knowledge of Korea, its mythology and how the nation is changing, whereas some contributors have a remote and limited amount of information about Korea at their disposal.

While the project already boasts a strong portfolio of work the Tiger and Bear comic series is still open for submissions, both in terms of writing and illustration. If you’re interested please don’t hesitate to email us at or search out our Facebook group, “Tiger and Bear Comic: Writers & Illustrators Needed!”.


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