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The Anti-English Spectrum: Whats Happening Now?

November 26, 2009

As some of you are already aware ATEK is backing a letter by Andrea Vandom that was mailed to the NHN , the parent company of Naver,calling for them to pull all offensive and racist material from the Anti English Spectrum’s (AES) blog. These two articles detail this:

It would be appreciated if you could circulate and pass on these articles to as many as possible to raise awareness of why the AES’s page is an issue and why NHN needs to remove the offensive material.  If any of you would like to read the original letter in English you can do so here:

There is also a Korean translation here, please pass this onto any Korean speakers and invite them to comment on it:

To clarify the letter asks for the following:

  1. Remove content that claims foreigners are targeting Korean children in order to sexually molest them.
  2. Remove content that spreads rumors of foreigners seeking to infect Koreans with AIDS or other diseases.
  3. Remove content that contains racially derogatory images and messages that promote racial hatred and discrimination such as the group’s many “promotional posters.”
  4. Remove content that profiles, targets and stigmatizes individuals on the basis of race and nationality in order to expose them to greater suspicion.
  5. Remove content that involves vigilante activities such as the tracking or stalking of any persons, whether Koreans or foreigners.
  6. Remove content that targets interracial couples and seeks to stigmatize and degrade Koreans for having any kind of relationships with foreigners.

● 외국인들이 성추행할 목적으로 한국의 어린이들을 표적으로 삼고 있다 는 내용의 게시물들을  거해주십시오.

● 외국인들이 한국인들에게 AIDS 또는 그 외의 병을 감염시키려 한다는 소문을 퍼뜨리는 내용물들을 제거해주십시오.

● 안티-잉글리쉬스펙트럼 모임의 수많은 “홍보 포스터”와 같이 타인종에대한 증오와 차별을 증진시키는 목적으로 다른 인종을 비하하는 이미지나 메시지들이 든 내용물들을 제거해주십시오.

● 외국인들에 대한 더욱 더 큰 의혹을 불러일으키기 위한 목적으로 개개인을 인종이나 국적을 바탕으로 차별화, 표적화 및 낙인 찍는 내용의게시물을 제거해주십시오.

● 자경단 활동과 관련된 내용물, 즉 외국인이건 한국인이건, 그 어떠한사람에 대해서건 그들을 추적하거나 스토킹하는 행위에 대한 내용물들을 제거해주십시오.

● 다른 인종으로 구성된 연인 또는 부부 커플들을 표적으로 삼고 외국인과 어떠한 형태로든 관계를 가지려는 한국인들을 낙인 찍고 비하하는내용의 게시물들을 제거해주십시오.

Dann Gaymer


Communications Director, The Association for Teachers of English in Korea (ATEK)


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