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Outsourced: The End of The Native English Speaker Experiment?

November 19, 2009

News from the Joong Ang Daily today. On the back of the recent conclusion of the FTA between India and South Korea, up to 100 English Teachers from India will be hired and placed in Korea’s schools to teach English.

Starting in the fall semester next year, around 100 teachers from India will be teaching English at elementary, middle and high schools nationwide, a high-ranking official with the Education Ministry said yesterday.

Such is globalisation. From a personal standpoint this news doesn’t come as a surprise with it being hinted earlier during FTA negotiations, and a growing acceptance of sending Korean kids to The Philippines to learn English being fairly large signposts along the way.

Click Here for the Full Story (Source: The Chosun Bimbo)

Editors Note: Stafford Lumsden has taught English as a second language for six years and he runs the popular blog, the Chosun Bimbo.

We highlighted the Joong Ang Daily’s article that Stafford is referring to in last week’s Expacked (Issue #46).


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