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Welcome to Expacked (Issue #46)

November 12, 2009

Thanks for those who voted in last week’s poll.  With the rapid spread of swine flu over the last month or so, we asked our readers if their school or hagwon currently had students or staff off sick with this Flu.  Not surprisingly, over 86% of those who voted did have students or staff off and it is worrying to see how easily this flu has spread.Korea in Fall

This just goes to show how important it is for teachers to continue to enforce good hygiene standards in their classrooms – hygiene education is important and it can’t hurt to spend a whole lesson teaching students this in English (as well as reinforcing this message in future classes).

One important word of caution though – While doing this, it is extremely important to respect that there are some cultural differences between Korea and your home country.  One of my friends had a bad experience about a month ago, where some of her students misinterpreted her and they seemed to think she was calling all Koreans dirty.  This was not the case, however the damage had already been done and the school principal then became involved.

If you are interested in further information about how you can protect yourself and your class, the World Health Organization has some great advice on their website.  Click Here to read their article, “What Can I Do?”.

Indians are now being recruited as assistant English teachers in Korea.  Although we have known this has been in the pipeline for a long time now, it has finally been confirmed that they will be starting from next year.  This is a major development in Korea’s English “vision”, as India is the first country allow to teach where English is not their native language.  While I know that there are many Indians with perfect English, it will be interesting to see how this affects current native English teachers.  Will this help more Koreans learn English, or is this a chance for Korea to access a cheaper supply of teachers?

Here’s the stories making the news this week:

Feel free to comment on any of the stories and make use of the easy sharing options available – in just a few quick clicks you can share any of these stories to all your teaching mates in Korea.

I hope you enjoy the read and, of course, have a good laugh at this week’s jokes at the end.




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