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Welcome to Expacked (Issue #43)

October 22, 2009

Big Changes to Expacked

I have been hard at work on the Expacked website and you will start seeing a lot of changes to the website over the next week.  The first thing I have done is design a new Expacked logo (this is actually the first official logo) and I have already integrated it into the banner above.

I have also launched new ways for you to receive the weekly Expacked newsletter.  On the top right of the website I have included a new subscribe button, which allows you to subscribe through email or any RSS Reader of your choice.  Both options will allow you to read and comment on the complete newsletter and I think its a huge step up from the old method of subscribing.DMC Landmark Tower

Sharing news and information about teaching in Korea is the cornerstone of Expacked and the “sharing” has now become even easier.  You will notice a new Share/Save box at the end of each story.  In just 2 clicks you can share that any story with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or any social network or bookmarking site you use.

I apologise for the extra long intro this week, however there has been a lot of interesting news stories this week.  Here are a couple of general interest stories that I could not fit into the body of the newsletter:

Vaccinations for Students

Vaccinations against the H1N1 flu virus will start shortly in Korea.  It was announced yesterday that 750,000 students from elementary, middle and high schools around the country will start receiving their vaccinations around the middle of November.  Click Here to read further details.

Korea Building BIG

Last weekend Korea officially opened the brand new 18.4kms Incheon Bridge.  This bridge connects the Incheon Free Economic Zone directly with the Incheon International Airport and has now become the seventh longest bridge in the world.  Click Here for this story.Incheon Bridge

It seems that Korea wants to continue building big.  The construction of what will be the world’s second highest building has officially started and is scheduled to be completed in 2015.  The 133-floor giant is being built in Sangam-dong, northwestern Seoul, and is called the DMC Landmark Tower.  Click Here for this story.

Now for the Rest

As usual, I have listed the rest of the stories on the right-hand-side of Expacked.  Feel free to comment on any of the stories and, of course, tell people where you found out about them.

I hope you enjoy the read and have a laugh at this week’s joke.




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