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Contract Funny Business in Public Schools?

October 22, 2009

Thanks to Brian in Jeollanam-Do for this write up on his blog.

Often public school teachers are given their summers and winters off, with the exception of those doing winter camps or those asked to “deskwarm” while all the other teachers are home for the holidays. This is above and beyond the, in my case, five weeks of vacation given in the contract, which may be used for international travel. area map of Jeollanam

Since winter break is roughly seven weeks, and summer vacation is roughly four weeks, some teachers can find themselves with two months or more off. Some teachers had apparently negotiated for extra time off for international travel, and had gotten it from their schools.

However, this summer some schools in Jeollanam-do were deducting this additional time as “unpaid vacation.” Teachers weren’t told about this ahead of time and didn’t learn about it until they saw extra small paychecks for July and August.

Click Here for the Full Story (Source: Brian in


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