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Welcome to Expacked (Issue #41)

October 8, 2009

Well, Chuseok has come and gone and it seems that Korea has completely forgotten about their swine flu paranoia.  I had a great trip to Beijing over the weekend and was surprised that, when arriving back into Korea, that they had taken down all of their checkpoints to help detect and stop people with possible “swine flu”.Apartment Building

Government teaching contracts were back in the spotlight over the past week when it was reported that public school teachers in Gangnam will, in the future, need to find their own apartments.  Its too early to tell if this is an isolated case or if it is the start of a new trend in public school contracts.

It is also seems to be uncertain whether the government has forced a change to the contract mid-term or just given teachers an early warning to the upcoming change in policy.  Brian (from the blog “Brian in Jeollanam-Do“) has done a good writeup about this issue and I have included this in the stories below.

Here’s another great teaching resource for you:

At a GEPIK orientation last year I found out about a file sharing website that provides fantastic PowerPoints and teaching materials related directly to the books used in public elementary schools.   I use it every week and I am amazed when I talk to guys and find out that most people do not even know about this site.

I wanted to highlight this website on Expacked but running into trouble trying to find out who actually runs it.  It is not run by GEPIK (even though this is the sort of thing they should have done a long time ago), I couldn’t contact the person through the website and no one seems to know who started it.  Whoever it was, THANK YOU.  A lot of people are now using this and the community seems to be keeping it alive with new content all the time.

Hopefully I am not stepping on anyone’s toes, but this website is too good and everyone should be using it.  Although it’s mainly a GEPIK site, it should still be useful to SMOE and EPIK teachers as well.  Here is the website, login and password details:


Login name for:

    • Grade 3 material:
    • Grade 4 material:
    • Grade 5 material:
    • Grade 6 material:

Password for all logins: kimchi

As I mentioned earlier, if this website is useful to you, support the community and upload your own related materials.  Hopefully this helps you.

As usual, Korea has a lot of news this week that are of interest to us, as teachers, and a list these stories are on the right-hand-side of Expacked.  Feel free to comment on any of the stories and, of course, tell people where you found out about them.

I hope you enjoy the read and have a laugh at this week’s joke.



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