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SMOE Announcements: 1) Quarantine Information 2) Turning in Your ARC

September 17, 2009
Quarantine Information

Hi Teachers,

There will be some Holidays coming up like Chuseok and Korean New Years. If you are planning to go outside of Korea. You will be Quarantined when you return. If you are quarantined, you will be using your sick days. (You have 15 days sick leave)

Schools may ask you to not go outside Korea because of the Quarantine week. Because you are leaving outside of Korea, schools will be missing an English teacher for that time being.

Jon Pak, Program Coordinator, SMOE

Click Here to View the Story on SMOE’s Website

Turning in Your ARC

Hello Teachers,

When you finish up your contract and when you leave Korea, Please make sure to turn in your ARC (Alien Reg. Card) to the immgration office or the airport. If you do not give up/turn in your ARC and if you come back to Korea, you will be fined with a penlty of 80,000 – 100,000 won.

Thank you

Click Here for SMOE’s Website

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