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The Media Bias Against Foreign Teachers

May 14, 2009

We recently read that 12 percent of native speaker English teachers in Ulsan were “expelled” from their jobs.  The report said that the teachers were let go because they had “methods … inappropriate for teaching students in English.”  

It is certainly the district’s or the school’s prerogative to hire or fire whomever they please, and there is no doubt some that deserve to go.  However, the information and the way it was reported reveal two big problems frequently seen in media coverage of teachers.  It is consistent with a trend to portray foreign English teachers in an unfairly negative way, and it begs the question why Korean teachers’ methods are, as a whole, not under similar scrutiny.

Click Here for the Full Story (The Korean Herald – Please note that all stories from this site are unfortunately moved to their “members only” area when they are archived)

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