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Is Korea Plagued by Private Education?

April 7, 2009

I live in Bundang, a primary center of private education in Korea. Growing up, I rarely saw students who did not attend at least one private institution. Only about one student out of 40 received no extra lessons at all.

Since I attended math institutions regularly and learned English from my mother, I did not quite understand why some students refused private education. Many of us believed that private institutes were useful because they helped increase our test scores.

One day I asked a classmate why he did not attend any institutions. He was very hardworking but his test scores were not proportionate to his efforts. In retort, he answered, “Lack of money, of course.”

I hadn’t expected that answer. To clarify, I asked another question: “Would you attend a private institution if you could?”

“Of course, Clara. Who wouldn’t?” he replied. 

Click Here for the Full Story (JoongAng Daily)

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