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Co-teaching Issues: Techniques, Challenges & Strategies

March 4, 2009

Each native English teacher is assigned to a Korean English co-teacher who they will spend the majority of their work time with at school each day, and who will also assist them with living in Korea. This relationship is a critical one that should be given a great deal of time and energy. 

A very important thing to realize, also, is that Korean English teachers DO NOT HAVE AN ORIENTATION SESSION, nor do they receive any formal training on how to co-teach, or work with a native English speaker from a foreign (and sometimes very unfamiliar culture) country. Many times, a Korean English teacher is informed (as opposed to volunteering) that they will be working with a native English teacher—and, oh yeah, they will arrive at your school in 24 hours: find an apartment for them, buy everything an apartment should have for them, and get everything at your school ready too (i.e. desk, computer, etc). 

Click Here for the Full Story (Kimchi-Icecream)

Editors Note: Jason Ryan has written some great information here and I would recommend any teacher read this, even if you are not new to teaching in Korea.

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