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Equal Checks for All: Ending E-2 Visa Discrimination

February 11, 2009

Join us in helping ensure foreigners in Korea are treated fairly by submitting an quick, anonymous complaint to the National Human Rights Commission.

Thank you for helping us end discrimination against non-citizens. The National Human Rights Commission of Korea exists in part to investigate reports of unreasonable discrimination. By submitting an anonymous complaint, you will be instrumental in helping ensure non-citizens in Korea are treated fairly, equally, and that our basic human rights are respected.

Why make a complaint?

The E-2 Visa Policy Memo is subjecting thousands of non-citizens to in-country drug and HIV tests without a reasonable, objective or factual basis. These tests (requiring individuals to provide blood and urine at national hospitals) constitute searches of the most personal and private nature, which are conducted without any grounds other than the xenophobic conviction that non-citizens are dangerous.  

This Policy Memo was not created by Presidential Decree. It did not go through the formal regulation approval process (which is why it is called a “policy memo,” and not an “enforcement ordinance” or “regulation”). The Korean Immigration Service acted independently and without oversight in adopting these rules, which are at odds with both domestic and international law.

Click Here for the Full Story (ATEK)

The Association for English Teachers in Korea (ATEK) is an organisation of language instructors and legal support that seeks to provide a voice for contract educators in Korea.

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