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Welcome to Expacked (Issue #6)

January 20, 2009

There is an important warning for all teachers this week.  Always be careful what you do around your students and NEVER let yourself get into a situation that may be perceived differently.  

Last week a Canadian English teacher was accused of sexually molesting their children in class.  The teacher has denied the allegation and the matter is being investigated.  Although we don’t know what happened, the teacher said all he did was prop the students up on his knee.

Unfortunately, teachers are put in the awkward position where, we need to form a strong connection with each student, however we also need to protect ourselves from possible accusations.  This is especially true when we are teaching in a foreign country with foreign cultures and foreign rules.  

If you have any thoughts on the matter or experienced anything like this yourself, please leave a comment.  I am sure other readers will be interested in hearing from you!

On to a more positive topic, the Korean New Year is this weekend!  This is one of the biggest holidays on the Korean calender and I hope everyone will make the most of it and join in the celebrations.  

As usual, a summary of this week’s stories is on the right.  I hope you enjoy the read and try out the special tests I have included in this week’s joke section.



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