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GEPIK Hold Teacher’s Workshop – Key Change to 2009 Contracts

December 23, 2008

Last week GEPIK held a follow-up workshop to bring their teachers together and update them on important contract changes in 2009.  Over 800 teachers attended the two workshops, with one workshop for Middle/High School (17 Dec 08) and one for Elementary Teachers (18 Dec 08).

In one major change, GEPIK are now looking to attract and retain more qualified teachers in the future.  For all new contracts signed from 1st January 2009, GEPIK have added the following to their contracts:

  • Added a Category 1+ to their pay scale.  This monthly salary is 2,500,000 Korean Won per month and requires that you have: a minimum two consecutive years of employment within GEPIK, a minimum two years of full time English teaching experience at accredited institution(s) and a Master’s Degree OR elementary, middle or secondary school teachers certificate, Bachelor’s degree in Education, or TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate (with min of 100 hours).
  • They have also added Categories 4, 5 and 6 to the lower end of the pay scale.  Category 6, at 1,600,000 Korean Won is the lowest, where you have completed minimum of two full academic years at a college or university, or graduated from a technical college program comprised of minimum 2 years.  Category 5, at 1,700,000 Korean Won, is Category 6 plus one year full-time English teaching experience or TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate (min 100 hours).  Category 4 is 1,800,000 Korean Won, which requires an additional year full-time English teaching (total of two years needed)
  • Added a new clause: “Employer may require Employee to preform duties overtime other than teaching classes in addition to normal work days and work hours.  In this case, overtime pay will be provided at 7,000 Korean Won per hour.”
  • Added a new clause: In the event Employee does not travel to his/her home country, Employee will be given the amount of money equivalent to the round trip airfare based on the economy class rate of Korean Airline within 2 weeks upon renewal of Contract. 
  • Housing/Transport clause:  Limited to rural areas, when long distance travel is necessary, Employer shall grant Employee a commute subsidy based on Korean public transportation rate.
  • Employee salary shall be paid on the 17th of each month (changed from the 25th).

For further information and contact details, please visit GEPIK’s website,

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